You're Evil and That's OK

by You, You're Awesome



released August 17, 2016

All songs written by You, You're Awesome: Yusef Quotah and Kevin Bayer. Produced and recorded by Yusef Quotah @ UselessTomatoHQ. Drums recorded by Ric Hordinski @ The Monastery Studio, Cincinnati, OH.

Bass stylings on 'Summer, 1997': Kane Kitchen
Sax on 'Kids, They're Riding On Trains', and not-knowing-he's-being-recorded-playing-a-kalimba on 'The Mathematics of Spacetime': Brian Olive
Lyrics and Vocals on 'On A Sunday, We Met': Dan Majesky

Published 2016 by Falcon Camel.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Fabulous Lands We Disappear To
They can’t go, to the fabulous lands we disappear to.
Track Name: Ponyo
It’s time we go out
And you will see
When will it happen
It’s all in threes

All the things we want to feel
Are on this tape right here
Want to listen every day
Then maybe you’ll ask me

C’mon and dance with me (day by day. more and more.)
C’mon and dance with me (even as you listen to this record)
C’mon and dance with me (day by day, more and more)
C’mon and dance with me (even as you listen to this record)

When it all runs out
Just flip the side over
It can keep going
Forever and ever

Right now’s the time to let it all out
Right now we should be having fun
Right now I’m feeling the vibration
And you can dance with me
Come on
Track Name: Summer, 1997
Seeing, is believing
Seeing, is alright with me
I keep feeling what’s going on, what’s going on is
We’re still feeling that it’s all gone, that it’s all gone

I’m thinking out loud, I’m thinking and I still love you
It’s going ok, it’s going well and I still love you
What do we left to say, maybe something and I still love you
Soon it all goes away, and I can hope that I still love you

Finally, the wait is gone
It will be, a brand new dawn
Things I’m feeling are all the same, it’s all the same
All I wanted was to be sane, is that ok?
Track Name: Julie Has Her Stories
She sees a rocket
She sees no logic
As she floats over
Awake and older

Now that you’re passing by, you can tell me all your stories
As time keeps moving on, I’ll listen to all your stories
We’ve heard this one before, I’ll still listen to your stories
Before we all must go, please tell me one more

She can feel everything!

A small reflection
Beneath the window
She holds her hands out
And now she smiles
Track Name: Kids, They're Riding On Trains
The kids are riding on trains.
Track Name: On a Sunday, We Met
In the place where no one goes,
no one knows,
no one shows
no one hears I’m calling your name.
I met you on a Sunday when
monuments to super men
flew overhead, up and away

Coming down, the two of us
in a rush
ash and dust
the river rose high swept us back, back to sea.
Settled in the bottom well
we took the time
ran like hell
are you gone for good or just gone, going from me?

(You and I) The moon and stars

Pull myself up to the beach
learn to walk
learn to breath
learn to run and run far away.
Give myself a real name
match it to the soul and flames
tell it to the sun to start, start the day

(yeah) you’re a star
you’re doing fine
i’m the moon and i’m alive
thinking how I’ve gone out of phase.
The dark it comes
the dark it goes
into the place that no one shows
but not me though coz life lights my way.

Track Name: Yes, No, Maybe So
Suddenly it’s evening
I hadn’t said a word today
I think I should be leaving
But it all feels the same to me

Sky is shining
And I wish I was there
I feel like dying
And everything is great today

We always watch the sun
It’s so easy
When it’s all said and done
Spoke so clearly

The flowers, the flowers will say
We’re so happy here
They’ve gone, they’ve gone away
and I’ll stay happy here
Track Name: The Mathematics of Spacetime
the way back
through machines
it’s not bad
we all dream

we’re turned on
we’re turned off
we get lost
and we come on back home

and if you
just hold on
and if you
just keep on

can we slow down?